Making progress

It’s been quite a week!

From a standing start, Butterfly now has over 500 people signed up for the Early Access programme, and nearly 300 people have ‘liked’ our new Facebook page.

I’ve designed lots more of the pages, taking on board the feedback I’ve received, and on Friday morning I signed the contract for my developer to start building the app. I also signed up to the Apple Developer Programme, so that I’ll eventually be able to publish Butterfly to the App Store.

Some of you have commented that you’d like Butterfly’s notifications to stand out from amongst the usual iPhone ones. Technically, that’s not easy to do from a visual perspective, so I’ve commissioned  two musicians to record brand new alarm/alert tones that will give Butterfly its very own, unique sound. I’m really looking forward to hearing what they come up with.

There’s a lot more to do, but it finally feels like I’m getting somewhere. Your messages of support continue to motivate me to do the best I can, so I was especially pleased to hear from the good people at Thyroid UK, who have kindly agreed to help me by sharing their vast knowledge and experience. Join them and help make a difference!

I’ll be reaching out to a small number of you within the next week or two to show you a working prototype of Butterfly, and get your feedback. I’m really keen to involve as many of you as is practical to make sure Butterfly does what you need it to do.

Ps. If you haven’t signed up for Early Access yet, there’s still time. You’ll be in good company!



  1. Kirsty

    I’m really excited for this! Such great ideas of keeping track of all the stuff we thyroid patients usually have buzzing round our brains!

  2. Adele King

    Hello there. I think this is a brilliant idea and one I would love to be part of testing please. I have suffered with Hypothyroidism for a number of years now and really find it difficult to keep track of changes to my condition and how it affects me day to day. This app sounds like it will be just the thing. Thank you for taking the time to help your wife and others like myself

  3. Gemma Ludwell

    I had an abnormal cyst in my neck Whickham looked like I had swallowed a golf ball at the age of 13. Had it removed, and there was no thyroid, just a sliver other tissue where it should of been. They did an isotope scan, but nothing. The cyst had been acting as a tyroid. But what they found strange is I had all the symptoms of an overactive thyroid. After a week of blood tests I was stable on 175mg. Then when I was 31 it got raised to 225mg. But now I’m 35 it has been reduced back to 175mg and go back in June for retesting.

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