The sound of Butterfly

One of the requests I’ve had is to make Butterfly’s reminders stand out from the usual iOS alerts. Technically, that’s a challenge due to the way Apple limits how the initial notification looks, so I thought about other ways for Butterfly to get your attention.

Last week, I asked a composer to write unique Butterfly tones, and here’s a preview of what he came up. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment.

Flutter – Wake Up!



  1. Andrea

    Beautiful, but a little quiet. A little mellow.

    Flight of the bumble bee?

    How about – It’s thyroid time to the tune of Hammer Time?

    Hard to have something attention getting without being too disruptive.

    I love how you’re going all out on this!


    1. Mike Linskey

      That made me laugh, Andrea! I was planning on two sets of gentle tones (harp, piano) at launch, but might have to add a ‘less subtle’ option for hardcore thyroid warriors!

    2. NM

      lol! I concur.

  2. Noella


  3. Jenn

    Love it… Makes me sleepy haha

  4. Sarah Robinson


  5. Lesley Longstone

    A pretty tune but maybe a little too subtle

    1. Mike Linskey

      Yes, on reflection, I agree. I will ask my composer to come up with something more upbeat!
      Thanks Lesley!

      1. Dawn

        It’s beautiful and I like it. I think a more up beat is a wonderful idea.

  6. Jude

    That’s lovely, and very different! I think a good upbeat version would be good too, an option. Sometimes one feels fragile, other times not 🙂

  7. Dawn

    I love it

  8. Denise

    A gentle alarm to wake up – wonderfull.

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