I need your help

I’ve been working on version 1 beta of Butterfly in my spare time over the last month or so, and at last I’m ready to show off some screens.

What I really need now is feedback, and lots of it! I want to improve the design of the app as much as I can before getting it built, so now is the time to be critical and/or point out some of the things that I’ve missed or could be improved.

Please leave feedback on this blog in the comments area, or use the support website I’m building.

Thanks for your help & support!


  1. MS

    Will it be available in American units (e.g., °F and lbs.)?

    1. Mike Linskey

      Yes, it will. You’ll also be able to choose 12 or 24 hour time.

  2. Paul Campbell

    Will this appbe available for Android devices? There are lots of people that will miss out otherwise and I need a decent thyroid app.

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