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We're currently testing Butterfly with 500 beta users - so that we're good to go with a 2018 launch in the UK & Eire.

Inspired by you

Butterfly is designed specifically for you, the people with thyroid & adrenal issues. Your fantastic ideas, feature requests, feedback on designs, Facebook comments and general encouragement is driving every aspect of our work. We started our beta test programme in January 2017, and continue to issue invitations to over 5,000 people who have signed up for early access.

In the meantime, our team continues to work night & day to bring you Butterfly - Your Thyroid Diary.

Built for iPhone

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Keeping you in sync

Butterfly tracks your activity using your phone’s built-in pedometer, and syncs data from your favourite health & fitness apps/devices to assemble a comprehensive view of your health & wellbeing. You can then choose what to share with your family, friends & healthcare advisers.

Making medication easier

Butterfly has built-in support for common thyroid & adrenal medication. It reminds you when and how to take your medication, and monitors your adherence.

Tracking symptoms effortlessly

With over 275 common hypothyroid and hyperthyroid symptoms built in, Butterfly is the simplest to use and most comprehensive thyroid & adrenal symptoms tracker available.

  • Testimonial
    This is exciting! I spent four years with body pain and told I had Fibromyalgia only to find out that my thyroid medication needed to be adjusted!  I cannot wait to try this app out and keep track of my symptoms! That way, I have something to bring to my doctor. It is difficult to get doctors to listen to me!
    Michelle Wills1 April 2016 - Facebook
  • Testimonial
    What fantastic idea! This would definitely be a huge help in our daily lives. Let me add that you are a wonderful husband to be this concerned about your wife's well being. Most spouses or partners don't have a clue as to what we go through and deal with on a daily basis. Thank you!!!!
    Susie Sherman Deramcy25 March 2016 - Facebook
  • Testimonial
    This sounds amazing! I currently use 2 different apps to manage my health, neither of which are designed for thyroid stuff, and even between the 2 of them they don't quite do what I'd like. I've looked at many of the existing apps for thyroid and found them to be too basic or limited in their scope. I like how your symptoms page is formatted and how easy it will be to record symptoms. I'm really excited about how good this could be.
    Louise 'James' Emms17 March 2016 - Facebook

Got an idea for a new feature for Butterfly?

Looking after your Labwork

Keep all of your test results in one place, and spot trends with Butterfly's unique labwork insights.

Improving communication

Make the conversation with your healthcare professional easier with Butterfly's comprehensive reporting & sharing features.

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  • Get up and running in just a couple of minutes.
    Answer a few simple questions and we’ll set Butterfly up to work your way. Tell us what time you typically get up and go to bed, how often you want to measure your vital signs, and when to record symptoms.
  • Butterfly's familiar and intuitive design makes it simple to use
    The last thing you need when the brain fog descends is to try & figure out how to use an app that's supposed to be helping you! Butterfly combines familiar iPhone features like Calendar, ToDo lists, Notes, Notifications & Sharing into one clever little thyroid diary app.
  • Keep on top of your medication so you never miss a dose
    Butterfly provides timely reminders to take your medication, and shows you how well you are doing on a daily basis. It also warns you when you need to order refills.
  • A fast & simple way to record how you are feeling.
    Choose from over 200 typical thyroid & adrenal symptoms and record how you feel with just one tap. And, if your symptoms aren't on the list, you can add new ones.
  • Keep a record of all of your vital signs measurements.
    Type in your body temperature, heart rate, blood pressure & weight, or sync with your favourite apps & connected devices like FitBit, Qardio, Kinsa, Health Mate and Apple Watch
  • Sometimes it’s best to say it in your own words.
    Butterfly stores your notes from consultations alongside your thoughts on symptoms you are experiencing, vital signs measurements, the effects of medication and other contributing factors.
  • Support for familiar iPhone notifications & snoozing.
    With Butterfly, you get timely reminders, automatic re-scheduling if you’re running late and have to snooze, plus support for special schedules like the Circadian T3 Method.
  • Make sense of your data to understand what’s happening from day-to-day.
    As well as showing you optimal ranges for your labwork, Butterfly's Insights make it much simpler to spot trends using easy-to-understand charts.
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The Butterfly Story

My wife has suffered Hypothyroidism for many years, but its only over the past 12 months that we really understood that. It’s difficult to get the right treatment in the UK, but we’ve been very lucky to have spent time with Dr Barry Durrant-Peatfield, who has helped enormously.

But therein lies the problem. In order to design the correct regime for my wife to follow, Dr Peatfield needs a wealth of data. Both my wife and I have struggled with keeping track of various paper diaries, private tests, medication schedules and symptom tracking. At times of great stress, and when the brain fog descends, its the last thing we need.

What’s missing is a way to bring all of those things together in one place, and so the idea for Butterfly was born...

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